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Originally from Saint Etienne in France, I moved to California for 6 years when I was 3 years old.

Weekends spent on the Pacific coast soon won me over. I think it was from there that I developed a close connection with the ocean.

We went for a walk in Seacliff, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Pacifica, Big Basin, Pismo beach, Wadell Beach.... When we returned to When we returned to France, we spent our summers in the Landes. I had the chance to visit many countries with sumptuous landscapes but also islands like Hawaii, Martinique, Guadeloupe Guadeloupe, Saint Lucia. All these wonderful experiences only reactivated my passion for reactivate my passion for the ocean and the big waves of my childhood.

Today it is the water and the play of light that fascinates me. The power of the waves, this Ocean that puts us in our rightful place as human beings. It reminds us that we are only temporary in this world. It has been here for thousands of years, and its strength reminds us of this.

I am also very attracted by other subjects such as flowers, mountains, lakes which I will deal with in the near future.

The world offers so many different and beautiful landscapes, I feel that the possibilities for painting are endless.

J’ai commencé à peindre en 2018, à la fin de mon contrat militaire de 3 ans dans l’armée de terre. Je me souviens encore être dans ma dernière mission que l’envie de peindre ma pris d’une manière complètement inattendue. Je regardais une série pendant une pause et l’actrice peignais dans un atelier au bord de l’océan. 
Cette liberté m’a donné envie. 

J’ai testé quelques toiles, ça m’a plu, mais je commençais un nouveau parcours: celui d’une étudiante en psychologie, et  pompier volontaire dans mon temps libre, donc je n’ai produit qu’une petite dizaine de toiles sur deux ans.

C’est durant le confinement, en 2020, que peindre est devenu une priorité. J’ai donc créé ma page Instagram où je montre des vidéos de ma vie d’artiste, et mon site internet. C’est là ou j’ai commencé à vendre mes toiles. 

J’ai depuis eu l’occasion d’exposer plusieurs fois à Paris mais également dans l’Est de la France, et commence à attirer un public plus large sur les réseaux sociaux avec 64 000 personnes qui me suivent.

Je propose également des cours via ma page Instagram, et des tutoriels via ma page YouTube. 

Julie Gazounaud
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Karen Soulard
Karen Soulard
19:14 16 Feb 22
Magnificent creationsExceptional and very sympathetic artist,Very reasonable rates in view of her talent,I am thinking of contacting her again to paint a whole wall in my next house
Pia Martin
Pia Martin
16:42 15 Feb 22
Julie is very talented. She is a young artist to follow!
Felix F
Felix F
16:48 14 Feb 22
The paintings are beautiful and perfectly packaged!
Djanara Neumann
Djanara Neumann
21:36 06 Feb 22
We fell in love with one of Julie's paintings on an Instagram post and asked her to decorate the wall in our daughter's room, which we enjoy every day.
Mauna Kea
Mauna Kea
20:07 05 Feb 22
Julie has painted for us a magnificent "window on the ocean" directly on the wall of one of our rooms.every morning the sun illuminates it and I could dive into the deep blue that she knew how to retranscribe so well.Thank you to you, Julie, for this magnificent work.
Felix Leonce
Felix Leonce
20:02 05 Feb 22
I discovered Julie's talent at an exhibition in Paris last June. She presented some of her ocean paintings which were superb as well as prints of her paintings of remarkable quality!
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